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lake arenal real estateLake Arenal Costa Rica is home of the most beautiful scenery in Costa Rica, including Arenal volcano, natural hot springs, caves and waterfalls. The lake is surrounded by rolling hills and pastures, and dominated on the east side by the imposing perfect cone of the Arenal volcano.

Covering an area of 85.5km (33 sq. miles) lake Arenal is the largest in Costa Rica. It is situated approximately 400m above sea level and was created in 1973 to store water for hydroelectricity.arenal costa rica real estate agents

The water of Lake Arenal is clear and pristine. The average temperature is in the 70's and varies about 4 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Water depth generally varies between 100 and 200 feet.

The panoramic image on top of the page was shot from the top lot of one of Lake Arenal Realty's developed properties overlooking the lake.

Lake Arenal Activities:
Fishing, world-class windsurfing, boating, water skiing, soaking in hot springs, horse back riding, hiking, canopy-tours, white water rafting and bird watching are some of the many activities of this awesome Costa Rica destination.

Lake Arenal is one of the top places of the world for windsurfing. Wind speeds of the western part can exceed the 40 Kms /h (24 miles/hour), in summer time, from November to April. Arenal Lake is also a good place for fishing, where Tilapias and Guapotes can be found.volcano arenal costa rica real estate

The Arenal Volcano is the only volcano in Costa Rica constantly active since it's big 1968 eruption producing huge ash columns, explosions & glowing red lava almost every day. It is considered one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world.

Wildlife found in the area include hummingbirds, toucans and parrots, howler monkeys, pizotes (they love cookies) and an incredible variety of trees and plants.arenal real estate for sale

Furthermore there are the beautiful waterfalls of Sabalito and Viento fresco. (Just 3.2 km east of La Fortuna lies one of Costa Rica's most spectacular waterfalls) and the 7 million year old caves of Venado.

The Arenal area is an ideal location for retirement living or for making a well calculated real estate investment.

How to get to Lake Arenal:
There are basically two different routes you can take to Lake Arenal depending on which end of the lake you are most interested.

Via La Fortuna - the more scenic route is via San Ramon, for which there is a clearly marked exit sign off the auto pista (Interamerica Highway); which departs west of San Jose, past the airport and continues northwest past the coastal port of Puntarenas. The exit for San Ramon is approximately 31.5 miles or 50.5 kms from San Jose.

Via Tilaran - For those whose prefer the route via the west end of the lake, you can take the Panamerican Highway towards Liberia, getting off at Cañas. Take the road from Cañas until Tilaran. You enter Tiliran at a fork, turn left at the fork and continue on straight towards the vulcano Arenal.

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